When the Weather Goes Bonkers

We’re suffering from weather whiplash here on the east coast. Yesterday was a beautiful, mild day, full of sunshine and soft breezes. Downright balmy. It was so lovely that in mid-afternoon I actually went and sat outside for a while with a book (and the dog). The temperature topped out at just over 60 degrees Fahrenheit (around 16 celsius).


That gorgeous blue sky looks oddly incongruous with the bare trees and winter-brown grass.

Fast-forward less than 24 hours and it looks very different.


This is the view from the back door. Those are the dog’s paw prints bottom left; she was not impressed that “her” garden was suddenly coated in cold, wet stuff this morning.

As I write this, the snow is still coming down and it’s a decidedly-not-balmy 28 degrees (or -2 celsius). The weather forecasts a total of 4-6 inches of snow, accompanied later today by strong gusts of wind. Fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out.

About abroadintheusa

An expat Brit who's lived and worked in the USA for more than three decades.
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