Spring Already?!

The past few days have been unusually warm here in suburban Philadelphia, and on today’s walk with the dog I saw evidence everywhere of an early spring. img_1584

Snowdrops aren’t a surprise in late February, but lots of other things are also starting to bloom, like the pretty little purple crocus that are scattered across a lot of lawns on our street.


More worrisome is that the tulips and daffodils are starting to send up shoots, and it’s definitely too early for them.


Can you spot the buds on our cherry tree in the front garden?


Even the lovely forsythia is getting in on the act — I think of these shrubs as the true harbinger of spring, their long graceful branches bursting into bright yellow leaves as the weather warms. February is at least a month too early for these buds to be showing.


But proper Englishwoman that I am, it’s the roses I’m most worried about. Over the years I’ve planted a number of David Austin Old English shrubs and climbers, and this morning I spotted these buds on the climber that rambles all over the back of the house.


Anyone know a spell to get the roses to go back to sleep?!


About abroadintheusa

An expat Brit who's lived and worked in the USA for more than three decades.
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2 Responses to Spring Already?!

  1. Marta says:

    Try singing them a lullaby? xD Flowers are also appearing early here, the plum trees bloomed like 3 weeks ago! And it’s still quite cold…


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